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Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual resource (rather than an actual resource) such as a server, operating system, storage, or network resources. Some of the benefits to virtualization include reducing the overall cost of hardware through consolidation, data center resources (power/cooling – Yay! Go Green!), reduce data center footprint and faster provisioning while providing improved system security, reliability and scalability.

Enterprise Infrastructure (EI) provides enterprise-level virtual hosting to IT departments and the University community. The service offers access to the same high-performance and high-availability hardware and security devices EI uses to deliver mission-critical applications and services.

Self-Managed and Managed Options

  • EI offers both self-managed and managed virtualization service models to departments at Rutgers University.
  • Self-Managed Model
  • Virtual Machine for guest operating system
  • Self-management console
  • Dedicated VLAN
  • Optional file level backup
  • Managed Model

  • Virtual container for guest operating system
  • Managed guests include:
    • Windows or Red Hat/CentOS install
    • System administration
    • Firewall
    • Patching
    • Backup
    • Monitoring
  • For more information about virtualization offerings, please send an email to