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TD-NOA provides central Domain Name Services (DNS), acting as theĀ hostmasterĀ for Rutgers University and its associated DNS naming resources. The University utilizes the Infoblox system for management of all DNS related entries. The DNS service is available to all registered departments within Rutgers University. All departmental requests and/or management of DNS records must be approved by the departments technical or partner administrator. The department technical or partner administrator must be registered within the Infoblox system in order to request or make changes to DNS records.

Services provided

  • IP address and hostname assignment
  • Subdomain creation & deletion
  • DNS records administration for domain and subdomains.
  • DNS Delegated Administrator group registration & member updates
  • DNS service delegation to authorized members of Delegated Administrator groups for management of DNS records in a subdomain
  • Host and subdomain name conflict escalation assistance to teams responsible for Rutgers branding and University communications
  • Add or Remove University DHCP services