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  • Eligibility: All departments are eligible
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  • Service Owner: OIT-EI-NOA
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About University Distribution Video Services
Broadcasting since 1999, Rutgers University Television Network (RU-tv) is the eyes and the ears of Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the flagship of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The award-winning campus network serves more than 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students, of which 15,000 live on campus.

How it works
The Forward Video System is used to transmit audio and video signals from a central Rutgers facility (the Davidson headend) via a common Forward TV transmission path. The OIT-TD Media and Infrastructure Services Group provides and maintains the forward transmission path via optical fiber and coaxial cable for transporting those signals to the end user.

RU-tv Repair Ticketing System
Do you still need help after reading our Troubleshooting Guide? Use our online ticketing system. Requests for repairs and call-backs are only available for those using televisions on campus at Rutgers–New Brunswick.