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What is RAD

Rutgers University is moving toward establishing a centralized IT architecture which will provide an Enterprise Shared Services platform for common services such as authentication, messaging and collaboration. The Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) managed environment is based on Active Directory by Microsoft. After moving to RAD. Department IT staff will no longer need to run separate domain controllers and manage user accounts and passwords. Accounts for RU faculty, staff, and students are automatically provisioned from the NetID system. Having a common directory will ease collaboration between departments.

Features & Benefits

  • Common directory with accounts for faculty, staff, and students automatically provisioned from the Rutgers NetID system eliminating the need to create and maintain user accounts and passwords.
  • Departments no longer need to purchase and maintain domain controllers. RAD domain controllers are centrally managed by Enterprise Infrastructure and located in multiple geographic areas to provide redundancy and ensure reliability.
  • Enterprise print services available including features such as secure print release, quota management and reporting.
  • Enterprise file storage for departmental administration and user home drives are provided.

Getting Started

Requests for a delegated Organizational Unit in RAD can be made from the IT Leadership in your organization by completing and submitting the RAD Data Collection form. In the request please be sure to include technical contacts, department head, and suggested OU name. Delegated OU names should be short; we will typically recommend using the Departmental Code as assigned in Cornerstone. (I.e. OIT, ORA, SAS)