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RAD – Overview

Rutgers University is moving toward establishing a centralized IT architecture which will provide an Enterprise Shared Services platform for common services such as authentication, messaging and collaboration. The Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) managed environment is based on Active Directory by Microsoft. After moving to RAD. Department IT staff will no longer need to run separate domain controllers and manage user accounts and passwords. Accounts for RU faculty, staff, and students are automatically provisioned from the NetID system. Having a common directory will ease collaboration between departments.

Membership to Rutgers Active Directory will include the following Enterprise services.

Enterprise Print Services
Network printing will be made available, using group policies to map print queues that will reside on Enterprise managed Print Servers. For those orgs that need further functionality, we will have a Papercut infrastructure in place, which will offer additional services such as quota management, Secured Print Release, and usage reporting. Copying and scanning will continue to function.

Kace is the Rutgers OIT standard for device management. Each Managed workstation will have Kace installed. Local IT staff can leverage Kace to deploy software and maintain an inventory of software and computers for their area.

Cisco AMP
Cisco AMP is an antivirus solution provided free to all current University owned equipment. Additional information can be found here.

Bomgar is the OIT standard to provide Remote support to managed devices. This does not require a client to be installed on the target machine. IT support will not be able to connect to a machine without the user’s approval.

Network Shares on Enterprise File Storage
Managed users will have Departmental shares mapped through group policy, which can be accessible from any managed workstation. This data will reside on quota enabled File storage, backed up on a nightly basis. Managed users will also have access to a Home drive.

Dell Data Protection is the comprehensive solution for your data encryption requirements, specific to laptops.