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RAD – How to Get Started

Management of your AD environment is done through delegated Organizational Units (OU) in RAD. In order to manage your AD environment a request from IT Leadership in your organization is required. Delegated OUs provide a Windows domain environment which is securely run. Delegated OUs will allow RU to remove Windows domain silos, share and reduce costs, and more easily share resources.

Requesting Delegated Organizational Units

Requests for a delegated OU can be made from the IT Leadership in your organization by submitting the RAD Data Collection form. In the request please be sure to include technical contacts, department head, and suggested OU name. Delegated OU names should be short; we will typically recommend using the Departmental Code as assigned in Cornerstone. (I.e. OIT, ORA, SAS)

It can take between a couple of days to a couple of months to join, depending on the complexity of your existing environment. We’ll help you assess whether joining is the right thing to do, what you need to do to get started, and help establish a timeframe to complete the work.

RAD Naming Conventions