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RAD – Connecting to AD via LDAP

Request a Service account to bind LDAP to AD:

  1. Log into HDRT to submit a ticket ( )
    1. Request Category: RAD-Rutgers Active Directory queue
    2. Request Type: Service\Elevated Account Requests
    3. Description: Please be as descriptive as possible for LDAP Service account.

We have worked with the EI network team to create two Virtual IPs (VIPs) for Rad LDAP. This will ensure failover if any DCs happen to be offline, and fault isolation in case there is an outage to one of the EI Data centers. These VIP’s need to use a secure connect on port 636. If using RAD for LDAP please update your settings to use the info below.

Server Names:
Primary =
Secondary =

Base DN:
DC=rad, DC=Rutgers, DC=edu

Ports to Bind:
Secure Port: 636