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RAD – ADM Accounts

Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) uses ADM accounts for elevated rights to modify OU’s, groups, printers, group policies, servers and workstations within your organization. An ADM account will be based on your existing netid. Prior to RAD on boarding, you should identify who in your organization requires ADM accounts, for OU or Workstation admin access, and have them go through the request process below.

To Request Additional Elevated / ADM account:

  • Go to Elevated Account Request
  • You can Submit an ADM account request and check the status of the request from this page.
  • If you had an ADM account prior to when the Request process was implemented, you will have to still go through the Request process to link your existing Adm account to your netid.
  • Once your ADM account has been provisioned correctly, the password for that account can be managed by logging into with your standard netid credentials. Once successfully logged you should see an option in the left-hand menu to manage your ADM account password.
    • Passwords for ADM account must be different than the password for your standard netid account.

Elevated Privileges

  • ADM account will not have any extra access unless added to the appropriate AD group or provided through a Group policy. If you are not sure what access is needed, please contact the OU admin for your area.


  • ADM accounts should not be used to log into workstations. If admin rights are needed, the ADM credentials should be entered in the elevated prompt.