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MSB Data Center

The EI-MSB data center is located in the Medical Sciences Building on the RBHS campus in Newark. The EI-MSB data center hosts both central administration infrastructure for RBHS and clinical and academic compute for many of the medical schools comprising RBHS. It also serves as a co-location facility for much of University Hospital’s clinical and administrative computing infrastructure.

MSB data center is a Tier 1 data center with the following infrastructure characteristics:

  • 4700 Sq. feet of raised floor
  • Video cameras at key locations
  • 70 Tons (840,000 BTU/hr) cooling capacity
  • 225 kVA/180kW UPS 30 minutes ride-through @ rated load
  • (1) 100 kVA power distribution unit, 8 subpanels
  • Campus shared diesel generator
  • Monitored proximity card access
  • 6 discrete points of environmental monitoring
  • 5 discrete points of leak detection
  • Water pre-action fire suppression overhead; CO2 / halon under floor