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Montclair State University Colocation

Through a business agreement with New Jersey’s Higher Education Network, NJEdge, Rutgers University utilizes hosting services in the Montclair State University (MSU) Colocation Facility, on the campus in Montclair, New Jersey. This site provides rack floor space, dual power feeds to rack PDUs, and data communications services, in addition to cooling and security services. The racks house the computer infrastructure for production, test, and backup services for Banner, VoIP, research, and other data storage services.

As part of our contract with NJEdge, MSU provides all environmental systems, such as cooling, electric, security, fire suppression, and cross connect network connections.

The infrastructure currently under contract for use at this facility includes:

  • 264 sq. feet of raised floor for 13 racks
  • 34 30amp circuits to the racks
  • Halsey Street (Newark, NJ) Carrier Hotel POP
  • 1 SES Circuit MSU/RBHS/Halsey Street
  • 3 10Gb LAMDA high speed ring circuits between MSU, RBHS Newark, Halsey Street, and New Brunswick