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Knightsbridge Data Center

The EI-Knightsbridge data center is located in the recently acquired 33 Knightsbridge Road facility, located off campus in Piscataway, NJ, minutes from the Busch Campus. Knightsbridge data center will be re-commissioned to host administrative computing, initially targeted for new occupants of the building including Facilities, Treasury, Procurement, Grant and Contract Accounting, Research Administration, and others. The facility was refurbished and configured by APC Schneider in 2007 and has been supported under maintenance contract since its original commissioning.

Knightsbridge data center is a Tier 1+ data center, with the following infrastructure characteristics:

  • 1500 sq. feet of raised floor
  • Video cameras at the main entrance to the lab and data center
  • 90 tons (1,080,000 BTU/hr) cooling capacity
  • (2) 80 kVA/72kW UPS 60 minutes ride-through @ rated load
  • (2) 80 kVA power distribution units
  • 1000 kW diesel generator¬†(shared)¬†with a 2000 gallon fuel tank
  • Monitored proximity card access
  • 12 discrete points of environmental monitoring
  • 3 discrete points of leak detection
  • Water pre-action fire suppression systems