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Hosting – FAQ

Hosting - FAQ

What is EI managed VM’s vs. Unmanaged VM’s?

When you request a virtual machine you have 2 options “Managed” or “Unmanaged” regardless of choice EI will create the virtual container for the guest OS. The only difference is with “Managed” OIT EI will do the OS installation and “Unmanaged” EI will provide a bare-metal instance of the VM.

If you choose the “Managed” option OIT Enterprise Infrastructure team will be responsible for the following:

  • Procuring and installing Windows or Red Hat/CentOS
  • System administration
  • Firewall
  • Patching
  • Backup
  • Monitoring

If  “Unmanaged is chosen then the following is the assumed responsibility from the client side:

  • Procuring and installing windows or Red Hat/ CentOS
  • Patching
  • Backups
  • Monitoring

If you are interested in a “Managed” or “Unmanaged” VM solution then please go and fill out a VI Intake Form