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Data Centers

EI currently supports three production data centers located in disparate geographical locations, and will be commissioning a fourth data center in the next several months. The new data center will serve as an additional administrative raised floor space.

EI designs, maintains, and supports application network infrastructures in multiple data center facilities. Partnering with the University WAN group (OIT – Telecommunications Division), EI provides architectural support for the highly redundant Ethernet technologies needed by high density virtualized environments internal to OIT and EI; it also provides consulting for non-OIT Rutgers entities.

In addition to core connectivity, EI data center networks offer advanced services such as firewalls, VPN, site-to-site tunnels, content networking (application delivery/load balancing), SSL offloading, and real time application performance management with packet captures for incident response.

EI provides management of the web application firewall (WAF) protection for the University’s student registration systems and central authentication system (CAS) utilizing Incapsula’s cloud-based service.

EI maintains an active production data center network presence co-located at SunGard in Philadelphia. This data center network provides backup replication services on a daily basis; since this is the environment that would be utilized in the event of an actual disaster, it is also used during Disaster Recovery testing in collaboration with SunGards’ data center network services.

Where possible, EI standardizes on solutions provided by Cisco, Brocade, Gigamon, and Riverbed

Data Centers
  • ASB Data Center
  • HILL Data Center
  • MSB Data Center
  • Knightsbridge Data Center
  • SunGard Colocation Services
  • Montclair State University Colocation